The customer flow managment (also known as queue manager system) is the result of many years of experience. The system count on our proprietary hardware and software allowing to provide a wide range of solutions for both public administration and private companies.

This type of system increases the productivity of the institution where it is running, easing employment's job and improving the quality of services provided to the public by replacing traditional and troubled queues for comfortable waiting rooms where we can also take the opportunity to convey to the public any information or advertising message.



This application has been designed to inform and provide both workers and visitors, all data about company job accidents through a set of led boards mounted into a single chassis.

The application will allow to visualize the summary data of job accidents, accidents prevention measures, information notices, protective equipment to use, hazards or emergencies. The board can be customized with the name and logo of the customer to suite its corporate image.



The stock ticker is able to capture in real-time a set of quotations from any world equity market and displaying them on a multi-color led screen for easier reading and interpretation.

This application is particularly useful for banks, brokers and exchange agencies and more in generally for all those entities that want to capture the public attention through the stock exchange information.



Production control aims to display a series of production data as machines state, batch manufacturing, information for operators, alarms, etc. The application can use a borad set of hardware elements such as digital inputs, photocells, relays, sensors, amplifiers, analog/digital converters, etc. and can be integrated with other customer software or database sending or receiving any kind of data.

This application is customized for each client, taking into account its special needs and requirments.



Read from a text files or directly from a weather station all current weather data and/or predictions displaying them on a multi-screen. The program can display the minimum and maximum temperature, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, ultraviolet radiation and all kind of data captured by the station. In addition to the data you can also display a series of icons corresponding to each weather condition (sunny, cloudy, snow, fog, etc.).

This product is suitable for hotels, tourism offices, ski resorts and more in generally to all those entities that want to attract public attention with the aim to delivery generic information or advertising.



The application captures and displays data read from a text file, ms excel sheet or a database, and sends them to one or more led screens. This software is particularly useful when the customer don't want to get involved in an long and expensive application development and is looking for a cheaper and easy to use tools to solve the visualization process.

Data capture is a product suitable for production plants, car parks, shopping malls, exhibition centers, advertising agencies, museums and more generally to all entities that want to show and update in real-time any kind of information.



Vehicles addressing systems are used in large transportation and distribution companies, to manage the vehicle traffic during the loading and unloading operations.

Through our application and led screen, we will create an efficient and orderly traffic, directing automatically every vehicle to the corresponding docks and maintaining a record of every movement and time spent for each operation.

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